Residential Locksmith Service


Our technicians can make your home more secure by installing high-quality pick proof locks that will keep intruders out. We can also help you make your gates, doors, and windows harder to break into. Let one of our locksmiths survey your home and inform you of potential security issues that can be easily fixed. We also help you with lockout situations that you face.

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High security locks
We offer some of the highest quality and safest locks available on the market.

Able to re-key any type of lock for you.

In case of a lockout, or emergency situation. Our professionals will travel to your location and help you gain re-entry into the premises. Before we leave, we will ensure you have a new set of keys, we specialize in door pick and strive to work efficiently as possible.

We also offer lock repairs, if your current locks are preventing you from entering your residence in a timely fashion. Let us take a look at your current lock and assess the situation and offer you the most economical and practical solution.

At West Coast locksmith we can help with any type of lock or security system installation. Whether you want replacement of one lock or dozens we are here to ensure we work with you to achieve all of your goals.

Deadbolts, Knobs, levers, handles Mortise Locks, Profile cylinder Europe lock, rim cylinder, keypads, pad locks, cam locks, mailbox, IC core cylinder, striker – When it comes to types of locks, we are specialists and know how to handle all types of locks. Let our professionals do what they are best at and they will provide you with all information needed and assure that you are satisfied after installation or replacement of current lock system.

For Electric Keypads we can assist you with installation only or you can contact us and we can show you different options we have in stock. Also we can guide you through and work with you with the best option that fits you and order from our supplier.


We are service oriented company in Los Angeles, that specializes in ensuring the highest security of your home and business with the use of technologically advanced solutions. We are up to date with technology and work with both local and international dealers to offer you a wide product range to choose from.

Contact our office to set up an appointment for a free estimate. Our technicians will come to you and work with you to find the best custom solution for your business or home.

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